Core Values

Core Values

Easy access to professional & educational information about the Diamond Industry is founded on the vision of providing our student with a competitive edge. We accomplish this by delivering absolute knowledge tailored with the industry’s needs & considerations. Our aim is to provide complete information to all the students to achieve excellence in this field.


"To impart fundamental knowledge related to diamond industry, to vigorous, earnest and committed individuals with a view to lead them towards success, economic prosperity and social status."


"To inculcate honest truthful entrepreneurship, among enthusiastic, hard working individuals by imparting them the most practical and useful skill based training through latest technology of diamond industry."


  • Our courses are for those who want to make a career in the Diamond Industry, those who are already in the trade but are willing to enhance their skills & knowledge, also for Diamond enthusiasts, Diamonds-collectors and hobbyists.

  • One of the distinguishing factors that separates SRKID from other Diamond Training Institutes is that the vision to respond to the changing needs of the Diamond Industry and to become one of the only Institutes worldwide doing advanced research.

  • We believe assessing a Diamond’s value is not only a trade decision but one of the most important factors which will decide the future profitability and growth of any organization or company.

  • Our courses are designed in such a way that it provides not only theoretical knowledge but also lots of practical experience & market exposure.

  • We provide an appropriate environment to develop entrepreneurial skills.

  • Our courses guide you to practice proven techniques using the latest tools & instruments.