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Diamond Planning and Marking (DPM)

Diamond Planning and Marking is considered as the heart of manufacturing process. Here at SRKID we provide complete knowledge of Planning and Marking on rough diamonds but along with it he/she also acquires training of diamond Cutting and Polishing on real diamond and Grading of Polish Diamond. Underneath are the details of this course.

Straight-line (Manual Marking)
Full line Marking with Alignment
Sarin Mapping
Pavilion & Crown Extra Piece Marking in different shape
Rough Diamond Inclusion Plotting
Polish Weight Estimation
Sarin Mapping by Inclusion Method
Stress/Fluorescence/Colour in Rough Diamond
Full Manual Planning
Galaxy Planning
Rough & Polish Diamond Valuation
Practical & Theory Examinations
Information of Equipment and their uses
Operation in Diamond
Information of Russian bruting
Information & use of Sarin Program
Information of Sarin Print from Rough to polish Diamond
Blocking (Real Diamond)
Bruting (Real Diamond)
Final Polishing ( Real Diamond)
Practical practice in Diamond
Guidance for handling Lab Equipment
Microscope Grading
Fluorescence Identification
Heart & Arrow
Identification of Diamond
Diamond Pricing
Practical & Theory Examinations
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
The local language (Gujarati) will be used to deliver the sessions, however in case if a student has any doubts, the faculty will try to address in Hindi language.