Your journey to flourish in Diamond Industry starts from SRKID where we provide Theoretical, Technical & Practical Knowledge of International Calibre. Utilizing the same, one can act as a leader in The Diamond Industry.

In 2014, SRK Founded its own SRK Institute of Diamonds named SRKID (Managed by Shree Ramkrishna Knowledge Foundation) in Surat with an aim to become one of the most reliable sources of Diamond Studies and Knowledge by providing technologically advanced courses and educating the Diamond Community as a whole.

SRK Institute of Diamonds is Founded to spread knowledge & experience with people, other professionals & gem enthusiast by offering them unparalleled opportunity to expand one's practical knowledge by pursuing various courses in Polished Diamond, Rough Diamond, Diamond Cutting, etc. courses led by a dynamic team of highly skilled gemologists whose aim is to provide intense hands-on experience resulting in a high level of artisan competence and expertise.

One of the distinguishing factors that separates SRKID from other Diamond Training Institute is that the vision to respond to the changing needs of the Diamond Industry and to become one of the only Institutes worldwide doing advanced research. We believe assessing a Diamond's value is not only a trade decision but one of the most important factors which will decide the future profitability and growth of any organization or company. So, our institute provides an unique platform to all our students where they can have day to day market experience which enhances their theoretical as well as practical knowledge & help them to understand the concepts of The Diamond Industry as a whole.