Chairman's Message

A long journey of my prayers to Diamonds has now led my vision to come into existence from setting-up world's leading Diamond Manufacturing Factory "SRK Empire" to the vision of spreading knowledge of Diamonds gifted to me by God through the medium of SRKID - an Institute for Diamond Studies. According to me, it is the best medium through which, I can deliver the success mantra adapted by me to every individual for successful career in the Diamond Industry.

From last 3 decades, we use to provide in-house training to all the members of SRK in our factory, but with the dream of educating & providing advance training to our in-house members, and to provide the same knowledge and platform to entire Society, we thought of introducing SRKID as a platform for each of them to put their first step forward in Diamond Industry.

SRKID delivers the latest knowledge & the best Learning skills in Diamond industry. It is specialized exclusively in Natural Diamond Training, where our level of education is not only in-depth but also highly practical & provides hands on experience on each Diamond to our student enhancing their knowledge. I will make sure that Professors give individual attention to each student to help them gain more.

Congratulations! for your visions to be a masters in Diamond Industry. SRKID will try to deliver the finest and the best learning experience available in the Industry.

Welcome to SRKID, your key to UNLOCK the future and embracing the Success that you see in being master in Diamonds. Good Luck!!

"Education is not preparation of life, it's life itself"


Govind Dholakia
Chairman, SRKID - Surat

"There is a determined desire to propel SRKID into a world class Diamond Academic & Research Centre that is rooted in it's Local Background"